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Do I need a board certified orthodontist?

Board certified orthodontists take the extra steps necessary to continue their education in the field. They are up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology in order to provide you with the best care and the best results!

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Invisalign Georgetown Orthodontics in Georgetown, TX

Beware of Do It Yourself Orthodontics

Beware of Do It Yourself Orthodontics!! Patients and parents alike need to be aware of the dangers of do it yourself orthodontics. With trending internet challenges, social media crazes, and every day peer pressure, more and more patients are attempting to straighten their teeth using some pretty outlandish treatment methods We’ve heard of patients using rubber bands to

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Dr. Bentley’s Birthday Bash!

Fun, Fireworks, and Willie & Friends! We had an absolute blast on the 4th of July and it’s also Dr. Bentley’s birthday, so it was super special. Doc says he loves having his birthday on the 4th of July because America celebrates with him and there’s always fireworks. This year, we took Doc to Q2 Stadium’s first ever

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